Bethlehem Housing Authority
Bethlehem Housing Authority does criminal history checks on all adults seeking to reside with us.  Anyone who has a prior arrest record, or has characteristics (such as name, date of birth) similar to someone with an arrest record, will be required to have fingerprints taken to determine if there are any offenses which would exclude them from receiving assistance with BHA.

Due to privacy issues and for the security and convenience of our clients, fingerprinting services are contracted to Fieldprint, Inc., a firm with many locations nationwide.  There is no charge to our clients for this service, unless you make an appointment and fail to show up.

The closest location that will provide this service is Express Business Center, located at 6034 Hamilton Blvd Allentown, Pa 18106. You may not call BHA to schedule an appointment. In addition, walk-ins will not be serviced. You must register online and schedule your appointment. If you need assistance, contact a Field Print representative at 888-472-8918.

An appointment is necessary to have your fingerprints taken.  Do not just show up without an appointment- you will not be serviced!  

Appointments can be scheduled on-line by registering at  BHA’s code number must be used to schedule an appointment.

Code# to be used: FPBethlehemHA1

You will need two forms of identification.  A valid and active driver’s license is the most common form of identification, but passports and other types of valid government photo identification can also be used.  

Failure on your part to comply with BHA’s request for fingerprinting within the next 10 days will delay processing and lead to disapproval of your request without further notice.

If you have questions please contact the TSO dept at 610-865-8361.

Number and Street: