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Here is but a sampling of our nearly 1,500 units in the
Bethlehem Housing Authority's
conventional housing program. Communities are located in each
area of the city and are close to transportation, shopping, recreation, banks, schools and churches!
Bodder House
Bodder (l ) and Bartholomew House    65 units each

Bodder   645 Leibert Street  18018    610-865-8352     1970
Bartholomew  512 Elm Street  18017  610-865-8352   1970

Conveniently located near public transportation and just minutes away from downtown and malls!  Special handicap-accessable units feature roll under sinks, lower cabinetry, emergency pull cords, roll in showers, microwave/convection appliances, flashing fire alarms and more.
A.W. Litzenberger
Litzenberger House  225 E. Fourth Street  18015  610-865-8352     101  units   1967

Beautifully landscaped building in the heart of the city's busy southside district; near churches, first class health care and shopping.
Handicap accessable units provide roll under sinks and low cabinets, emergency pull cords, roll in showers, microwave/convection ovens, flashing fire alarms, sprinkler system and more.
Fairmount Homes
Fairmount Homes  (Family Units)   1429 Fritz Dr.  18017
610-865-8342     120 units  including specially designed handicap units.
Built 1953  Remodeled  1997

Featuring ultra-modern kitchens and baths, private patios, lot's of storage. Beautiful oak hardwood floors throughout!
Handicap units feature roll in showers, roll under sinks, special low cabinets, emergency alarm system and more.
Lynfield Homes
Lynfield Homes   (Family Units)   1889 Lynfield Drive  18015  610-865-8343
200  units including special handicap units. .   Built  1985

New construction; Lynfield boasts off-street parking, generous storage, energy efficient gas-fired heat, hot water and cooking and the best views in the city!
Handicap units have roll in showers, lower cabinets, roll under sinks, emergency alarm, lowered switches etc...
Parkridge   (Family Units)   1926 Brookside Dr.  18018
610-865-8343    100 units including  special handicap units   Built  1992

You'll feel like a suburbanite in these new, efficient duplex units. Off-street parking, lot's of play areas for kids and a quiet, peaceful mountainside setting!
For handicapped residents, Parkridge offers roll in showers, lower kitchen cabinets, roll under sinks, emergency alarms, lowered switches and more...
Marvine   (Family Units)   1429 Fritz Drive  18017 610-865-8309
389  units  including specially modified handicap units
Built 1953   Remodeled 1985   
Presently undergoing renovations.

Marvine youngsters can walk or bike to school. The northeast Boy's/Girl's club is practically next door as well as the Golf Learning Center. Stefko Center and other shopping just minutes away!
Special Marvine units provide amenities such as roll in showers, microwave/convection ovens, roll under sinks, low kitchen cabinets, emergency alarms and more.
Monocacy Tower  645 Main Street   18018   610-865-8352
148  Units    Built 1973   Remodeled   1989  

Nestled in Bethlehem's Monocacy Valley and adjacent to the Historic Downtown district, Tower residents enjoy the best of both worlds with access to shopping, dining, museums and history, all in a natural setting. The Tower also serves as the Authority's central business office.
This building features  some units with roll under sinks, lower cabinets, roll in shower, microwave/convection ovens, alarms, sprinklers and more.
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Bartholomew House
Monocacy Tower
Pembroke  1429 Fritz Drive  18017   610-865-8342/43/09
196 Family and specially designed handicap units
Built 1941   Remodeled  1995

Extensive renovations have transformed these sturdy, all-brick units into "state of the art" beauties. They are completely new from top to bottom.
Some of these buildings have accessable units with roll in showers, lower kitchen cabinets, microwave/convection ovens, roll in showers, emergency alarms and more.
Pfeifle Homes
  Pfeifle Homes  1429 Fritz Drive  18017  610-865-8342/43/09
50 units   Built 1962
Completely renovated in 2005-2007.

Named for former Mayor and long-time commissioner Robert Pfeifle, these garden apartments were the very first of their type (for seniors) in the area. The units are of compact, efficient, one story design  and located in northeast Bethlehem.
Garden apartment with roll in showers, microwave/convection ovens, roll under sinks with low cabinetry, emergency alarms and more.
Interested?  Call the Tenant Selection Office at 610-865-8354
Identification of Projects for Asset Management

Under the new Operating Fund rule, Public Housing Authorities must identify their projects for purposes of asset management. AMP numbers (Asset Management Project numbers) are for designating a grouping of various buildings into a new operating entity called an "Asset Management Project" or simply known as an "AMP."
Bayard Homes 1429 Fritz Drive 18017 610-865-8342/43/09

20 Units, new construction, four designed for special needs.

These garden style apartments are nestled along Bayard Street between Woodbine and Lebanon in the northeast. Garden apartment with roll in showers, microwave/convection ovens, roll under sinks with low cabinetry, emergency alarms and more.